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Our mission is to improve the survival rate and quality of life of underserved cancer patients worldwide.

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Global Cancer Institute helping underserved cancer patients worldwide
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Today, cancer death rates in developing countries are double those of the U.S., and that disparity is growing. The Global Cancer Institute (GCI) works directly with healthcare providers in developing countries to support programs that improve patterns of clinical practice, and accelerate access to timely diagnosis and high-quality treatment.

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We help underserved cancer patients...

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Access proper care for breast cancer

“At 37 years old, I was treated for breast cancer in my small hometown in Mexico. Due to the healthcare system, my treatment was irregular and inadequate. My team of doctors took my case to get international help from GCI’s expert panel. They planned individualized treatment for me, and now I am cancer free!”

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Receive guidance from physicians

“I thought the treatment for my Stage III breast cancer would prevent me from ever starting a family. With GCI’s help, my doctors informed me that fertility-preserving options were available. I am now optimistically fighting my cancer, and I am excited about my future possibilities of pregnancy.”

Our history

Dr. Paul Goss founded GCI after traveling the world to give talks about his cancer research. He saw firsthand how low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) had health systems and training that were inadequate to properly care for cancer patients.